Solid Brass Hardware

Written by Steven Alexander
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When attempting to compare each of the hardware materials available, solid brass hardware appears to be one of the most popular options around. Brass is known for its lustrous gold color and durable capabilities, making it a good choice for hardware that lasts. Brass is commonly fashioned into tubing, fittings, handles, and fixtures. Solid brass will never rust, and ages nicely.

The popularity of antique hardware is on the rise. In fact, many new brass fixtures can be finished to look older, allowing people to create a historic look. Over time, brass can darken due to the oxidation process, so choosing brass with a lacquer is a necessity. Lacquered brass will develop an attractive gloss over time as opposed to looking spotted and murky. If the intended use of the hardware involves water, the brass can take on a green hue, making unfinished brass a poor choice.

Solid Brass Hardware Availability

Solid brass hardware is available in a wide variety of decorative styles and is easily available at most local hardware stores. Additionally, an enormous selection of quality brass hardware can be found online by conducting a simple search. The widest selections of solid brass are usually offered by custom railing and cabinet manufacturers. You can also find sources that specialize in custom solutions.

Remember to consider that a lot of inexpensive, decorative hardware is actually made of steel with brass plating. Steel is technically stronger than brass, but brass plating can chip away over time, making it a less promising investment in the long run. As a result, the continuous beauty of solid brass will continue being a popular favorite for most decorative hardware needs.

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