Spa Manufacturing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The world of spa manufacturing is getting extremely competitive. Spas are very popular and in response to the demand, there are now a huge number of spa manufacturers competing with each other for business. This means that to be competitive, your company has to produce spas that customers love.

Let's take a look at the issues that are important to the average customer when they buy a spa. To begin with, the spa must look good. It also must not leak and should keep the water warm. The whole point of a spa is that it is a warm water treatment. If customers find that they have to keep replacing the water, then they're going to get very disenchanted indeed.

Keeping a Spa Warm

Lining the bottom of the spa with foam is the best way of making sure that the water stays warm. Polyurethane foam is a great insulator. Low density foam is probably the best type of foam for the job: the larger air bubbles trap more warmth. This type of foam is what is known as "closed cell" foam, and it has a higher "R" factor, which is resistance to thermal change. It means that it will give you the best insulation.

The underside of the spa or hot tub should be completely covered in spray foam, enclosing the water pipes as well so that circulating water is keep warm. The good thing about foam is that it won't add to the weight of the unit so it can still be used set into a deck or upstairs in a home, providing the floor can stand the weight of the spa itself.

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