Spray Foam

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The term "spray foam" encompasses a tremendous range of products fit for an impressive range of purposes. Most commonly used at the moment is polyurethane foam, which is extremely versatile and has a whole range of benefits that make it a good solution for many commercial and industrial problems. Just some of the purposes we use different kinds of spray foam include insulation for buildings and spas, flotation for boats and jetties, packing for all kinds of items, and refrigeration insulation.

Polyurethane Spray Foam

Polyurethane foam is fast outstripping all other options for insulation jobs of all kinds, simply because it has the best insulating properties or "R" factor. When being mixed for insulation purposes, once it is mixed, polyurethane foam will expand to form what is called a rigid foam that can even be walked on. It is excellent for wall and roof insulation, marine insulation of all types where it will bear the weight of a person.

For repeat insulation jobs it is especially popular because it can be used right on top of older methods of insulation, avoiding major work involved in removing old insulation. It will also adhere to most surfaces, making it stable and easy to lay. Because it expands so much it fills cracks and leaks, it will help to stop air leaks too.

Because it is so lightweight, polyurethane foam can be applied in abundance with no concern for possible added weight, which is certainly not the case with all insulating materials. As it contains no asbestos or formaldehyde it is environmentally friendly, and therefore a better choice as far as your family's health is concerned.

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