Spray On Truck Bedliners

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Trucks are for heavy work, no one disputes that, but increasingly, truck owners want their trucks to look good at the end of the day too. Typically, after only weeks of heavy duty use, a truck can begin to look downright unappealing. So what's the answer if you'd like to keep your property looking nice?

The latest thing in truck extras is spray on or drop in bedliners. Made from rigid polyurethane foam, these can really transform a truck once it begins to look its age. Alternatively, lots of new truck owners are opting to use truck bedliners from the beginning. They will preserve your truck's pristine appearance and will help to preserve the value of your property.

Two-Way Truck Protection

Not only will a spray on truck bedliner protect your truck, it will protect your goods too. Rust and corrosion don't only look horrible, they can spoil anything that comes in contact too. A spray on polyurethane lining will completely seal the bed of your truck against moisture. Corrosion cannot develop because there is no air and no water getting through to the metal.

Because spray on polyurethane foam is tough, it will prevent your truck bed from even denting. It will also last the life of your truck so you won't need to worry about replacing it. The polyurethane layer is between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick. It will take a few hours for a professional truck bedliner to be installed. Although it will feel dry to the touch minutes after installation, remember that your new bedliner should be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours before you put it through its paces.

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