Stain Treated Pine Decks

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Staining treated pine decks is a matter of personal preference. Some homeowners wish to adapt the pine decking to their existing color schemes, such as the colors on the house, garage, or fencing. Others, on the other hand, may wish to add an entirely new color to the overall scheme just for the fun of it. Then there are those homeowners who love the natural color of the treated pine boards, and wish to leave them just as they are.

In the latter case, it may be a good idea to apply a clear, waterproof finish that preserves the natural color of the pine material while giving it even more protection against moisture. Of course, treated pine already contains water-repellent, insect-repellent and weatherproof properties. That, after all, is the whole purpose of treating pine in the first place.

The Weathering Process of Treated Pine

However, "naked" treated pine boards will eventually change color the longer they are exposed to the elements. This is a perfectly natural process to exposure to wind, rain, and sun, and does not reflect negatively on the pine's weatherproof qualities. Weathering is not the same as weather damage.

What usually happens in the weathering process is a color change from the original pine color to a darker brown shade, then to gray. Some people prefer the gray color, while others enjoy the entire color-changing process. However, if you do decide to use a stain on your treated pine deck, either latex or oil-based stains will work nicely.

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