Stair Rails

Written by Krystin Spellman
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An attractive stair railing does much to incorporate elegance into the stair design, all the while ensuring that the necessary safe guards are in place to keep stair users free from harm. Railing is available in many different materials and styles, allowing you to customize your railing and find a look that complements your existing design scheme. Stair railings can be as simple as a wooden rod fastened to a wall, or as complex as brass beams with decorative end caps.

Making Stairs a Safer Place

Custom stair railing is available to fit the varying angles and inclines of any staircase, large or small. Some of the most difficult staircases to fit are spiral staircases, requiring customized design in most cases. Spiral staircase railing can add beauty and definition to your stairs, all the while increasing safety though necessary precautionary measures. Metal stair rails work best for this type of stair system since they can be easily shaped to accommodate your needs.

In more recent years, stainless steel has become a popular railing material for high-use and public staircases. Stainless steel is both beautiful and easily maintainable. This popular metal is resistant of dirt and germs, making it more sanitary than other porous materials. Stainless steel also provides a modern look, and can be easily incorporated into many contemporary design schemes.

Brass stair railing continues to be a favorite with many restaurants and luxury hotels. When comparing brass against other railing materials, solid brass stands out as the best in both quality and resilience. Brass stair railing is available in a large selection of finish colors, allowing you to tailor the railing to your specific design needs without sacrificing quality.

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