Swan Secure Products

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Swan Secure products are stainless steel and copper alloy fasteners, manufactured by the Swan Secure corporation, for use in construction projects. These products include high-quality stainless steel nails, screws and fasteners that are specially manufactured and treated to resist corrosion.

Stainless steel is an alloy metal. The key to manufacturing good anti-corrosion stainless steel lies in the amount of corrosion-fighting chromium present in the alloy. To be effective, the alloy should contain a minimum of 11.5 percent chromium. Of course, the fastener business is highly competitive, and there are many companies who cut costs by following cheaper manufacturing processes.

Why People Buy Bad Fasteners

However, their products are not of good quality. These companies are banking on consumers to only pay attention to the price tag, which is often exactly what happens. Information on metal content and processing isn't listed on fastener packages. After all, these are nails and screws, not breakfast cereals. However, it would be a nice service to the consumer, for after all the money and hard work one puts into building a new deck, corrosion is one of the most sickening things to watch happen to it.

Corrosion doesn't just cause the fastener to deteriorate--a big problem in itself, as it threatens the stability of the entire deck structure. Corrosion also blemishes the area surrounding the corroded part, either as a very conspicuous stain, or an ugly, spreading streak. Is it really worth saving the few extra dollars on cheap fasteners if you're going to have ugly stains all over your deck?

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