Trex Decking

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Trex decking is a composite wood and plastic decking material that is designed to closely resemble wood. This decking comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal tastes. Being of a lighter weight than wood, it is easy to work with in terms of cutting, painting, sanding, and fastening. Because composites are cheaper than real wood decking, Trex decking is a very effective money-saving option as well.

There are many qualities of Trex decking that set it apart from other decking materials, including both composite and treated wood. For one thing, unlike treated wood, Trex decking contains no harmful chemical preservatives. These preservatives are necessary to give treated wood the fire, water, weather, and insect resistance it needs to serve successfully as a decking material. However, wood preservatives come with a heavy price of high toxicity. This is always a nagging concern when dealing with treated wood, but not with Trex.

More about Trex Decking

Another important fact about Trex decking is that, like many composite woods, it uses no virgin lumber. This means that no new trees have to be cut down to make Trex decking, which saves on valuable natural resources. It also saves money for Trex's manufacturer, who then passes on the savings to its customers. The wood particles found in Trex decking come purely from wood recycling processes, keeping living trees in the forest, and used wood out of the landfills.

Trex decking is said to perform well in terms of wear and durability, requiring no special weatherproofing treatments on your part. The material is said to be weatherproof, rot-proof, and guaranteed not to bend, warp, crack, or send splinters into your feet. The company backs up this promise with a 10-year warranty.

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