Wood Lattice

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Wood lattice is a fun, attractive and versatile material. It is so economically priced that it can end up being your bank book's best friend. For instance, simply using lattice in lieu of traditional fencing materials can save you a great deal of money. Lattice is cheaper because it uses far less wood than other fencing materials.

Wood lattice is often associated with garden arbors, gazebos, and plant trellises. However, lattice can be used in other ways that are very creative. For instance, you can construct a wall, skirt a deck area, cover a patio, screen a window, or even make a fence with lattice. Mobile homes provide the perfect opportunity to use wood lattice as a fencing material, and skirting your home with lattice can give it a charming new look.

Other Ideas for Wood Lattice

You can also use lattice as an underpinning material for plants, or to offer crucial shading to an over-baked garden area. Constant direct sunlight kills many popular garden plants, thus limiting your floral choices. However, a well-placed lattice offers the perfect protection to less sun-tolerant varieties, allowing you many more choices on your next trip to the garden center.

Do you have an unwanted view of a neighbor's neglected yard? Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a fence, you can block that view with some well-placed lattice. Some people even bring wood lattice inside the home for use in interior decorating projects. Finally, if you change your mind, you can easily remove wood lattice without damaging it or the objects surrounding it.

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