Wood Trellis

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Wood trellis is an open-framed, lattice structure that supports plants and vines. Trellises are usually made of redwood, mahogany, or cedar strips that are joined together in a variety of patterns. Trellis patterns can be as simple as uniform grids, as lofty as gothic arches, or as whimsical as irregular curves. There is no limit to their creative possibilities.

Trellises can be found at garden centers, lumber yards, and home improvement centers. They can be purchased in prefabricated states, ready for quick assembly, or you can purchase the wood and create your own. Because of their intricate interwoven structure, though, many people prefer to buy trellises already made, and save their energy for other carpentry projects.

Working with Wood Trellis

If you want to work with premade trellises, many come in modular units that you can conveniently add onto as your landscaping projects grow. For many people, modular trellises are really the best of both worlds. They save you the trouble of having to construct them yourself while still allowing you the opportunity to be creative. First, though, what use do you plan for your trellis? Knowing its purpose will help you focus your creative impulse.

For example, do you want a grape arbor, a garden arbor, or perhaps a pergola? Each requires a particular trellis design. Everyone knows what grape and garden arbors are, but many haven't heard of pergolas. Pergolas are covered garden walkways constructed of a double row of posts, topped with a trellis ceiling on which plants and flowers can thrive. These structures are especially lovely because they form a cozy, enclosed passageway within your outdoor garden setting.

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