Computer Engineering

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Engineering and Computer Engineering

Throughout modern history mechanical engineering has been the one type of engineering that is always included in other types of engineering to some degree. Mechanical engineers often work hand in hand with engineers of other disciplines on all kind of projects. Now, this basic engineering discipline has a new partner.

Computer engineering is a new discipline that has quickly grown and developed, in less than two decades, so that it now touches on every other form of engineering and is also used in tandem with the sciences. The range of applications for computer engineering is almost limitless. The most amazing range of developments in the computer engineering world are surely those of embedded systems and control systems.

Computer Engineering and Embedded Systems

Embedded systems is a type of computer engineering where computers and computer software are combined with mechanical engineering projects to produce a wide range of "smart machines." These can be anything from a domestic food processor, to a washing machine, to a biomechanical application, or even a space rocket. Control systems are similar, but instead of thinking for itself, a machine or system of machines is intelligently controlled by a human being.

This sort of computer engineering is used in space missions, air conditioning systems and remotely controlled equipment such as toy planes and cars. There is still some sort of embedded system within the application or machine, that requires computer engineering and software, but it is controlled by a human instead of the machine itself. The possibilities for applications with these two categories of computer engineering are truly mind boggling. Although they have pretty much revolutionized the medical world and many other areas, we all realize there is still much room for improvement and innovation.

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