Control Systems

Written by Patricia Skinner
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New Technologies

Along with the development of embedded systems, we also have another branch of computer technology which is referred to as control systems. They are basically computer programs that are used by a human being to control a piece of machinery that can be anything from a production machine to a space rocket. A controls system is one that is intelligently operated by humans to produce the desired effect, as opposed to controlled by a computer chip, as in the case of a washing machine.

Control systems are used in many applications; today's dams are operated through the use of control systems. As are air conditioning systems for buildings of all sizes. A refrigeration system can be another example. In essence, control systems are a system designed for the control of another system, whatever it is.

Designing Control Systems

The design of control systems is sometimes referred to as control engineering. You can get software applications that will aid you in the design, analysis and modeling of all types of control systems. If you need a control system for a project you're working on though, it is highly recommended that you seek out experts on the subject for best results.

You can often hire the services of a control systems engineer through a reputable engineering company. The advantages of going this route are obvious. Benefiting from a companies design experience in any field can often be of inestimable value to you company and your profits. In any engineering field, accuracy and efficiency is paramount, so whether you have a large or small project in hand, you'll no doubt want the best results possible.

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