Finite Element Analysis

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Stress Testing Woes?

If you have stress testing difficulties and problems, you'll need to resort to finite element analysis to get your calculations right. Every engineer recognizes the importance of accurate stress testing. Skipping stages in this process can spell disaster for your project. You have two options; either you can get some finite element analysis software for your project, and use one of your own engineers, or you can hire an engineering company that offers the service.

In fact, most engineering websites offer the service of finite element analysis.
For your guidance during the completion of your project, properties of finite element analysis for the purposes of engineering design can often be found in the form of a table on the Internet. But there are many software programs that can give you automated finite element analysis for any field you require.

Finite Element Analysis Choices

Unless you have experience with finite element analysis software, it's probably better to go with a professional that does. If for no other reason than the programs themselves can be very complicated to use. It can take months to master the process, even for an experienced CAD designer.

But before you make a choice regarding which engineering firm to go with, take care that you're using a reputable company that realizes that its reputation hangs by its performance! If you do decide to go the route of using your own finite element analysis software, make sure that the package you use has an adequate operation manual, and preferably an adequate support page on its website. You also need to check that your PC platform is compatible with the finite element analysis program you're intending to use.

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