Litigation Support

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Need Legal Help?

Experienced engineers who specialize in engineering forensics are often called upon as expert witnesses. They are also sometimes needed to compile reports, or construct physics-based computer analysis and simulations for the reconstruction of an accident. This kind of litigation support is in great demand all over the US, for many different reasons.

After a litigation support team has eliminated the possibility of human error, they will conduct forensic engineering tests to find such details that would explain a crash. This will include extensive failure analysis, speed estimation and a host of other details. The litigation support team will also call on experts to examine the opposition's technical evidence.

Litigation Support and Engineering Forensics

Whereas forensics is generally considered to be the science of crime, this is not always the case with engineering forensics. Although a lawsuit may be brought, it is likely not because a crime is suspected, but to see if there has been any negligence on the part of manufacturers, or to find out if certain materials or components used need to be improved, upgraded or replaced. This is often the reason for the need for litigation support from engineering forensics.

Of course, to be qualified for litigation support, an engineer must at the very least have a degree in engineering, and often the legal experts will be looking for specific experience too. A flawless record of good conduct and reliability will also be stock in trade for a litigation support engineer. His or her testimony may well be questioned by the opposition and his or her reputation will need to be able to stand up to scrutiny.

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