Stress Analysis

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Why Stress Analysis?

There are many reasons why we need to perform stress analysis tests on building materials and manufacturing materials of all kinds in the daily course of design and manufacture of just about anything. As far as building is concerned, lives can often depend on the accuracy of stress analysis tests, so its importance cannot be overestimated. The same goes for stress analysis of car components.

For much manufacturing though, stress analysis is more a matter of product reliability rather than an issue of safety. Finite element modeling is the traditional route for stress analysis of all sorts. In fact, many of today's engineering software programs, such as CAD for example, have stress analysis tables built into them. The terms finite elements analysis and stress analysis are interchangeable in this context, but stress analysis is the term most people are familiar with.

Stress Analysis Resources

There are also vast resources for stress analysis results posted on the Internet. You can probably find a lot of information regarding the materials you are using by doing a search for stress analysis and the exact term you're looking for, which may be different kinds of beams (bending of beams, torsion of beams, composite beams and more), for example. It could also be stress analysis of plastics, or thermal stress analysis, or any one of a number of other categories of stress analysis.

You could also try doing a search for the same term, plus finite elements analysis, as this will give you other relevant results. Accurate references for stress analysis results are an essential part of estimating the characters of materials. Hence it is a big part of the manufacturing process. Just one new area of stress analysis that had developed in recent decades is the analysis of polymer materials, particularly related to how they are used in biomedical applications. Yet another aspect of stress testing in this context is the biocompatibility of materials that may or may not render a particular application safe or unsafe for use.

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