Virtual Prototyping

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Advent of Virtual Prototyping

Surely one of the biggest strides in the history of engineering has been the advent of virtual prototyping. This enables engineers in all disciplines to perfect a prototype in the cheapest, quickest, most effective and accurate solely with the use of a computer and appropriate software. The collective resources for virtual prototyping software are constantly being updated.

This allows companies all over the world to benefit from each others' experience and so improve their industries on a steady basis. It is no exaggeration to say that virtual prototyping can save industry billions of dollars annually because of the elimination of endless rounds of physical prototyping that are so laborious, labor intensive and expensive.

Reducing Industry Costs and Failures

Another aspect of virtual prototyping that is often overlooked, or at least not mentioned publicly, is that it is so cost effective and such a speedy process that it has invariably removed the temptation for any company, no matter how unscrupulous they may be, to make shortcuts in the prototyping process. This is undoubtedly an asset as far as eliminating accidents and failures. Virtual prototyping has allowed industry to squeeze many rounds of prototyping that once might have taken years, into a matter of mere days.

Inevitably virtual prototyping has resulted in a much speedier process of design updating. It also allows for a more economical use of materials. There is no longer any need to leave a huge "margin of error" in strengths of materials calculations. This is yet another area where virtual prototyping has reduced industry costs and failures.

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