Acid Stain Concrete

Written by Kevin Little
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Acid stain concrete is a material that is easily adapted to a variety of different applications. All sorts of home projects can be done with concrete, from indoor jobs like floors and countertops to outside tasks like porches or driveways. All of these items can benefit from the durability and great looks of colored concrete.

Acid stain concrete is awfully flexible in appearance. It can be used to look like other materials, like brick or flagstone. These more common materials are easily approximated by the right color and design combination.

Acid Stain Concrete: Your Choice

You can also go the unique route, as there as just so many color and pattern choices. Whatever you envision can be done with concrete. Your job, however you conceive it, will undoubtedly bespeak the time you took to personally design it.

While the right concrete design might take a lot of thinking, care of the concrete does not. Concrete is very durable and the colors used to stain concrete will not wash out. Make sure you protect your concrete with a high grade sealant, and you'll be set for a long while!

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