Acid Stained Floors

Written by Kevin Little
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Acid stained floors can make any room look simply fantastic. Concrete takes to acid stains in all of their colors very, very well. The color seeps in and results in floors that look naturally colored--quite a trick for stained concrete!

Acid staining is easy to take care of because of the process of staining. Unlike paint, which can peel or chip, stain is not affected by wear and tear. It just keeps on looking great, since there's nothing to rub off or come loose.

Acid Stained Floors: So Many Choices

There are a great number of stains now being made just for concrete floors. Combine these colors with other design options like concrete stamping or scoring, and you can make your floor look exactly how you want it to. Concrete design has never been so varied or so easy!

If you're really feeling ambitious, you can even stain your floors yourself. Videos are now available that deliver the best possible concrete training, leading you to a great project with great results. Look for training aids for acid stained floors from a reputable, reliable source, and you'll be on your way!

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