Chemical Stain

Written by Kevin Little
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Chemical stains make your concrete floors look fantastic! They're easy to apply and require little care. Since the stain goes directly into the concrete, you won't have to worry about the color scraping or peeling off.

Furthermore, stained concrete has a singular, wonderful look to it. The stain, once it's absorbed by the concrete, actually looks as though it was never applied. The concrete looks as if it's always been the color of the stain!

Chemical Stains: Directions for Use

A good concrete contractor can easily stain your floor in a number of different colors through the use of different techniques. Different ways of applying the stain result in interesting patterns to provide a custom feel to the job. A layer of concrete sealer can then keep the floor gleaming and scratch free.

Did you know that you can apply chemical stain yourself? With the help of a thorough instructional video, you can gather all of the knowledge you need to make your concrete staining memorable. With the right tools at your disposal, you'll be all set to go!

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