Concrete Countertops

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete countertops may initially sound like the ultimate triumph of substance over style. Sure, concrete is durable and all, but who wants to visit the Island of Eyesore where it sits in the middle of the kitchen? Well, there's good news for all you doubters: concrete kitchen countertops excel in both form and function.

You see, you're not just taking a slab of concrete and depositing it below your pots and pans. No, there is an extra step involved, one that makes all the difference. Like anything in your home, you'll want to decorate this new counter!

Concrete Countertops: Gloriously Stained

There are a multitude of concrete stains you can use to spruce up this new counter in ways you never thought possible. Stained concrete looks very elegant and even naturalistic, perfect for rustic and fancy kitchens alike. And the stain options for concrete countertops are only as limited as your imagination.

Choosing a color can be challenging enough, given the wide variety of options. But any design you want is within your grasp, whether it's your family coat of arms or your favorite food (always good to have inspiration in the kitchen area). While color patterns will probably suffice for most people, it's nice to know just how varied the possibilities really are.

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