Concrete Cutting

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete cutting ensures you that the designs you pick for your concrete surfaces remain there for as long as possible. Designs on most surfaces are prone to fading or peeling, whichever comes first. But such is not the case with concrete.

Concrete cutting, such as etching or engraving, leaves a lasting mark on your concrete--literally. As the patterns you request are dug directly into the concrete, there is no chance for it to fade. And unlike painted designs, you'll only need to have cutting done once.

Concrete Cutting: Additional Design Options

You can have custom designs done, or you can simply have the concrete stamped in a certain pattern you find appealing. Like all concrete design, the decisions are totally in your hands. You don't know the meaning of "custom job" until you've designed your own countertop or floor.

The combinations from which to choose are virtually endless. Different shapes, different patterns, different colors, different finishing touches--all of the choices are yours. Just make sure you end with a sealer to protect your personalized work of art.

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