Concrete Home

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete homes are becoming more widespread as people begin to understand the benefits of building with concrete. Actually, Thomas Jefferson was one of the the first to realize the advantages of concrete, and he built over ten homes of concrete in his day. He was, as it turns out, way ahead of his time.

However, the lessons are starting to sink in. Concrete homes have a number of different advantages over more traditional homes. One of these advantages has to do with maintenance.

Concrete Homes: Easy to Care For

A home made of concrete doesn't attract the same clientele as one made of wood. Various members of the animal kingdom, such as termites and other destructive pests, are quite drawn to the allure of wood. But these animals have no interest in concrete, which means you won't have to spend your time worrying about them.

The concrete design options for a concrete house are nearly infinite. You can choose from any number of acid stains and designs, all of which a very weather-resistant. For an example of how beautiful a house made of concrete can be, look no further than Frank Lloyd Wright's justifiably famous "Falling Waters."

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