Concrete Scoring

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete scoring is a really nice way to make your floors radiate with your own personal touches. Long-lasting and durable, the designs you can get from scoring are built to last. After all, who wants to keep re-imagining their floors once the latest design wears off?

Concrete scoring is there to stay. The designs are etched directly into the concrete, meaning there's nothing to rub or peel off. Your floors just keep looking great, no matter how much they're used.

Concrete Scoring on Your Own!

Of course, the best way to a truly personalized floor is to design and create it yourself. You can, in fact, score, stain, and seal concrete on your own! Home flooring has never been so user-friendly.

Just look for professional concrete contractors that have their lessons on video format. Once you find the right videos from a great company, you'll be well on your way to your very own home flooring success story. Just watch, learn, and then get started!

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