Concrete Stain

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete stain sounds like something that would be very difficult to get out of the rug. You know the story: the construction worker in the family comes home with boots covered in gray, and soon it's all mashed into the carpet. Unlike spilled food, not even the dog will help you out on this one!

Well, it's time for a radical re-orientation on the topic of concrete stain. Instead of a messy problem, it's actually a beautiful solution! The design possibilities are endless and very attractive.

Concrete Stain: How It Works

Staining concrete isn't actually done by acid. Instead, it sounds much more like a recipe: salt and lime (metallic and hydrated, respectively) react with concrete to make wonderful colors and surprisingly intricate designs. It's very appropriate that it sounds like something you might cook up in the kitchen, as one of the primary uses of these stains is for the beautification of concrete countertops!

Another great thing about these stains, aside from the patterns and colors, is the overall look. Concrete, once it's been stained, doesn't look like it's been colored; rather, the sheen created looks very natural, as if the concrete had always looked that way. Who knew concrete could be so classy?

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