Concrete Stamping

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete stamping is a great way to make your concrete floor or countertop look exactly as you'd imagined. Stamps create patterns engraved directly into the concrete. So you won't have to worry about patterns rubbing off--they're there for good!

Customization is one of the great features of concrete products for the home. The array of stain colors and patterns allows you to choose what exactly you'd like your home to look like. Combine hand-picked styles of color and concrete stamping with the durability of concrete itself, and what's not to like?

Concrete Stamping--What Is It?

Staining and stamping are wonderful ways to take ownership of your floor. Another, even more personalized option, is concrete engraving. Get a beautiful design of your choice carved into your very own floor!

Look at some pictures of engraving work--the results are truly astonishing. The designs and colors are all permanent, etched or stained directly into the concrete. So they'll last and last, all due to the wonders of decorative concrete.

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