Concrete Stencil

Written by Kevin Little
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Concrete stencils allow you to customize existing concrete floors or other fixtures. Have you grown tired of the plain concrete floor that greets you every day? Then concrete stencils may be just what you've been looking for.

Stencils are an easy, inexpensive way to create patterns on concrete without having to carve into the concrete itself. While these stencil designs aren't as durable as concrete stamping, for instance, the results are still great-looking. And the process itself is less invasive that cutting the concrete directly.

Concrete Stencils: The Freedom to Experiment

You can even apply these stencils yourself. Find yourself a quality stencil, and get to work! All you'll need to do to get yourself started is to lay the stencil on the desired surface.

Once the stencil is down, you can spray on the coating of your choice. The stencil keeps the spray from going anywhere you don't want it. Remove the stencil, add a coat of concrete sealer, and your job is complete!

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