Floor Painting

Written by Kevin Little
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Floor painting is, if you're talking about concrete floors, a not-entirely accurate term. Sure, you get the idea of what happens--color is added to a floor. But there are much better means of adding such color than floor painting.

Think for a moment, if you will, of what would happen if you painted a concrete floor. It would look fine, smooth, shiny--until the paint itself, being on top of the floor, started to chip and peel away under the influence of so many shoes. Sounds less than perfect, doesn't it?

Beyond Floor Painting: Acid Stain

If you acid stain concrete instead of painting it, however, you find yourself several steps ahead of the above scenario. Acid staining does not rest on top of the concrete. Rather, it seeps into the concrete, becoming one with its vessel, so that there is nothing to rub or chip or peel off.

With the proper concrete stain, your floors will be looking great for a long, long time. Stained concrete has a unique look, as if the concrete had always been the color it's now stained, which lends a naturalistic, comforting vibe to such floors. If staining sounds like a good idea to you, don't hesitate to do some more research and to contact well-trained professionals for materials and instruction.

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