Build A Deck

Written by Charles Peacock
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Everybody would love to have a deck on their home. Decks are a great addition that basically gives you an outside room that you can enjoy for several months out of the year. Despite what you might think, they're also relatively easy to plan and build. You can even do the whole job yourself!

Planning a Deck

Deck construction is relatively simple, since it involves little more than building a wooden frame on top of posts that you mount into the ground. Deck designs are incredibly flexible, and if you pick up a plan for a deck it's not too difficult to customize it into the size and shape that you're looking for. As long as you follow the basic structure rules, you're sure to come out with a sturdy final product.

One thing to keep in mind if you're planning on building a deck is that this type of structure is usually regulated by local building codes. This means that you can't just go and put up a deck based on your own plans without asking anybody. You have to clear the construction plans with the local building code office, which has strict requirements for the type of boards you use and may require you to build a railing around the deck.

Constructing a deck basically involves four steps. The first step is installing the posts which will support the deck in the ground, usually using cement foundations. The second step is building the joist frame on top of these posts. The third (and probably easiest) step is nailing the deck boards into the joists. Finally, if your deck is high enough that a railing is required by local laws, you'll need to install a railing by nailing it into the ends of the main joists.

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