Build A Fence

Written by Charles Peacock
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Building a fence on your property can be a fun and relatively easy do-it-yourself project. Fence building is a very old art, and it's not too hard to master. All you have to do is understand a few basic principles, then get the right tools and materials and you'll have a new fence in no time at all.

Fence Building: Basic Components

Any basic fence has two main components. The first component (which is the first you need to install) is the post. Posts are the vertical poles rooted in the ground that provide stability for your fence. The deeper and more stable your posts, the more sturdy your fence is going to be.

Rails are the second major component of a fence. Rails connect the posts to each other and run parallel to the ground. Traditional wooden fences usually have at least two rails: a top rail and a bottom rail. If you want to improve the look and stability of your fence, you can add a third (middle) rail.

If the reason you're building a fence is to give yourself more privacy on your property, you'll probably want to add a third component: flat privacy panels. Any fence can be supplemented with panels, all you have to do is nail or screw them into the rails and posts. If you install panels on only one side of the fence, be sure to remember that the poles and rails will be exposed on the other side.

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