Build A House

Written by Charles Peacock
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Moving into a new house is always an exciting step, but this is particularly true if the house is one you're building yourself. Most people don't realize it, but as Americans we're in the particularly advantageous position of living in a country with enough space that it's still easy to find an empty plot of land and build a house on it. When this trend will slow down is hard to tell, especially considering how many new houses continue to go up each year.

Building Your New Home

The first consideration when building a new home is usually where you're going to put it. The size and type of land you find will probably have some effect on the design of the home itself. Doors and driveways, for instance, will need to be placed strategically to suit the orientation of property the house is sitting on.

Once you've found a plot of land, the next step is deciding on the architectural plans you're going to use for the house. Unfortunately, this is the stage where too many people take the easy road out and use an established, cookie-cutter design. If you're looking for architectural plans, I highly recommend at least consulting with a creative architect, or even looking for interesting plans in home design magazines.

The final step is of course building your new home. This is the hardest, and in some ways most exhilarating part. Finding a good general contractor is the best way you can make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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