Carpet Installation

Written by Charles Peacock
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There comes a time in every carpet's life when it's time for it to be replaced. You can usually tell this is the case if the carpet is beginning to look more like an old linoleum floor: flat, dirty and stained. Carpet is easier and cheaper to install than you might think, which gives you little excuse to keep staring at (and walking on) that faded old floor!

What You Need to Replace Your Carpet

In some ways, the hardest thing about replacing your carpet is deciding on which color and style you like most. Since it's such a prominent feature in your room, you want to make sure you're getting something that you will enjoy looking at for a long time to come. Neutral colors are always a safe bet, and can be accented later on with a throw rug or two.

Once you've chosen your carpet and bought the right quantity (which takes little more than a measuring tape and a few calculations) it's time for installation. There are a few special tools that you'll need to do the job right, but you can usually rent these from a good hardware or carpet store. The three tools you'll probably have to rent are a seaming iron (for heating the sealing tape), a knee kicker (for hooking the carpet into the tackless strips below it) and a power stretcher (for stretching the carpet against the wall).

The rest of the tools you'll need can be purchased quite cheaply at any carpet retailer or hardware store. These include a good utility knife, a hammer, masonry nails, a staple gun, and of course some tackless strip and carpet padding. These last two things should be purchased in a large enough quantity so that you'll have enough to cover your entire room.

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