Hardwood Floor Installation

Written by Charles Peacock
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Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home, new or old. Carpets are certainly nice and comfortable to walk on, but there's nothing like the classic look of a well constructed hardwood floor. Wood floors not only look more sturdy, they are more sturdy--they can last for decades as opposed to only a few years for carpet.

Installing a Hardwood Floor

The first step in installing a hardwood floor is choosing what type of wood you'll use. Hardwood is an absolute requisite, since you don't want to easily mark up the floor with furniture or even shoes. Many floor suppliers offer special coatings and finishings that can make hardwood even harder.

One option to consider when you buy your wood is to look for vintage lumber. It's actually rather easy to find beautiful old floors from older houses that have been demolished or upgraded. These floors can be expensive, but they offer wonderful character and solid old fashioned craftsmanship.

Another great thing about using vintage lumber is that in many cases you can get types of wood that are difficult (if not impossible) to buy new. A friend of mine purchased a teak floor from an old factory for his entire living room and looks fantastic. He paid about a thousand dollars for it--about one tenth what it would have cost if he bought freshly cut teak.

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