House Demolition

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're building a new house or even just putting on an addition, there's a good chance some level of demolition will be part of the job. Don't just assume that your contractor will be able to do the demolition as well as the construction, however. Ripping down an existing structure (or even just a wall) can be a lot of work and might not be included in the contractor's bid.

The most efficient way to go about ripping a building down is to hire a professional demolition specialist. Having worked for one in the past, I have first-hand knowledge of just how coldly effective they can be. They have the tools, the knowledge and the staff to get the job done in a hurry.

Types of Demolition

Smaller types of demolition, such as knocking a wall down or cutting a hole for a new window, can usually be performed either by yourself or the contractor who will be doing the rebuilding. If you choose to do the job yourself, remember not to get so carried away by the fun of wielding a sledgehammer (and trust me, it is quite a lot of fun) that you forget about things like electrical wiring and gas pipes. Always make sure that electricity and gas are cut off to the areas where you will be working.

One of the biggest problems with demolition is disposing of all the leftover materials. This is one advantage of hiring a professional--they will remove and safely dispose of all of the waste once they've finished the job. In many places it is actually illegal to just throw away demolished building materials, so no matter who is doing the demolishing, make sure everything is disposed of properly.

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