Tile Floor Installation

Written by Charles Peacock
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Tile floors have long been considered a bit of a luxury, since they're usually relatively expensive to buy and install. Fortunately, there are some new materials on the market that make installing a tile floor both easy and affordable. In addition, there are some great new looks you can achieve by taking advantage of the latest materials.

New Trends in Tile Floor Installation

The look of a tile floor has always depended on the look of the individual tiles, and this was usually limited by what could be painted or baked into the actual tiles. Most tiles were made out of some form or ceramic or stone, so the range of styles was rather limited. These days, you can use (and combine) tiles made with all sorts of interesting materials.

Several companies now offer what they call "luminous panel" tiles. These panels are wired with electricity, and designed to actually glow in any number of colors. Many people like to mix this type of tile in with traditional tiles, creating a lovely-looking grid on your floor.

Another popular trend is the heated tile floor. One problem many people find with tile floors is that they are cold on the feet. Heated tiles solve this problem, creating a soft warm surface that can add an amazing level of comfort to your home--particularly if you like walking around in your bare feet. Heated tiles are a great idea for bathrooms, where you'll appreciate the warm floor when you step out of the shower in the morning.

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