Differential Pressure Transmitter

Written by impresssensor
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Measuring pressure in various manufacturing processes and other highly technical processes is an invariable must.

Pressure transmitters are installed to measure and monitor pressure levels at all times. As soon as the pressure transmitters display high pressure levels, the process has to be stopped in order to avert industrial tragedies.

Low pressure differential transmitter is required for measuring non aggressive gases and compressed air in compact version. This differential transmitter is widely used in filter controlling and air conditioning technology along with its usage in machine and plant engineering. A low pressure differential transmitter of a piezoresitive silicon sensor and a compact and robust aluminum housing while its capacity to measure differential pressure ranges from 0…6 mbar up to 0….1000 mbar.

An Industrial differential transmitter can be used to measure pressure in the range of 0.04 bar through to 16 bar while its output is 4-20mA or 0 - 10V. The Industrial Sensor Technology comprises of either Silicon or stainless steel which is also Piezoresistive. The accuracy level attained rests at <±0.25%.

A "smart" differential pressure transmitter is best used in process engineering especially in measuring liquids, vapour and gases ie the chemical industry. The smart differential pressure transmitter is enhanced by a capacitive sensor which not only performs well but also is very stable in case of over pressure conditions. This differential pressure transmitter can measure static overpressure upto 320 bar while its accuracy rests at 01.% for range turndown 10.1 This transmitter’s media wetted parts can be manufactured with stainless steel, hastelloy or tantalum too.

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