Comprehensive Dfss Training Curriculum

Written by Tara Peris
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A comprehensive DFSS training curriculum is a great idea for executives who oversee product development. Although it is possible to farm out your project for independent stats consultation, a much more effective strategy is to take the time to learn the basics for yourself. Even if you end up going with a consultant, you will find that you are in a much better position to follow the work that he or she does.

These days, the big trend in product development is to use statistical models to evaluate a product before it hits the production line. Techniques like DOE and Six Sigma engineering are predicated on the idea that you can create a higher quality product under the guidance of well-conducted statistical analyses. The efficacy of these strategies has been borne out several times over in successful products worldwide.

Finding a Comprehensive DFSS Training Curriculum
However, in order for any statistical procedure to be effective, it must be used properly. It may seem tempting to try and point and click on your own with user-friendly software, but there is simply no substitute for basic stats understanding. Luckily, a comprehensive DFSS training curriculum can address most routine needs.

These days, such programs are available through a number of different resources. Your best bet is to check in with a stats consulting firm. They may offer online self-guided training or workshop opportunities that will allow you to bring statistical concepts to bear on your specific project. Look into it today and gain skills that will last a lifetime.

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