Dfss Executive Training

Written by Tara Peris
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DFSS executive training is a wise investment for anyone who manages large-scale production endeavors. The Six Sigma engineering philosophy is a smart one, but only if it is well-executed, and this requires a bit extra from those in managerial position. Take the time to look into training opportunities in your area and you will find it well worth your while.

The DFSS strategy is built on the notion that quality is the most cost-effective approach to production. Yet, it is important not to over-simplify what this entails. It is, in fact, a very labor intensive process at the front end, so that costs may be curbed later on down the road. To make it work, business executives must have a thorough understanding of what it requires at each step along the way.

DFSS Executive Training for Product Development
The best way to achieve this understanding is to seek out DFSS executive training. If you deal with product development or marketing or are in any type of leader position in an engineering organization, such skills training is likely to be of great use to you. It is at once both highly specialized for those in the engineering industry and useful to all those in the product development field.

Training typically consists of a 1-2 day workshop, which is didactic in format. It will teach the theory behind DFSS and impart useful guidelines for carrying it out in your business facility. These are skills that will go the distance and enhance not only your own resume, but the broader functioning of the team you supervise.

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