Doe Modular Workshops

Written by Tara Peris
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DOE modular workshops are a great way to learn about Design of Experiments (DOE) procedures. The DOE approach is a data-driven, empirically tested method of guiding product development decisions, and it can enhance both productivity and profitability substantially. However, the statistical nature of this strategy means that basic training will be needed before it can be employed.

When you use the DOE method, you are basically running a string of statistical analyses in order to test the parameters of different experimental models. Via multivariate statistical analysis and other similar mathematical techniques, you can evaluate the relative importance of various independent variables. This is achieved by examining their influence on the dependent variable in question, which can vary according to the model you test.

DOE Modular Workshops Help You Make the Most of Your Product
Although DOE methods are well-established and scientifically sound, many are put off by their statistical nature. Indeed, complex mathematical procedures may at first seem too difficult to understand and near impossible to execute. However, good DOE modular workshops can put these fears to rest.

With quality instruction, abstract principals and terms become easy to follow because they are taught in the context of your particular project. Further, the statistical procedures become streamlined and straightforward when they are whittled down to a few clicks of the button with today's advanced software. Don't be afraid of the DOE approach. Tackle it head on and see how it enhances your next project.

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