Stackup Analysis Training

Written by Tara Peris
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Stackup analysis training is a useful complement to training in tolerance design and analysis. When seeking consultation or training for traditional tolerance procedures, you should inquire as to whether Stackup analysis training is included as part of the package. If it isn't, look into having it included when training actually takes place.

Tolerance stacks are a central aspect to testing the limits of a particular product. As such, it is worth knowing a bit about them. Some consulting groups structure their training so as to present one large course on tolerance design and analysis. Other companies prefer to break things down into individual modules.

Information to Look for in Stackup Analysis Training
It really shouldn't matter as long as you get the information you need. Typically, introductory Stackup analysis training should include an explanation of loop analysis as well as coverage of different tolerance dimensions. It should also include all of the geometric considerations germane to this line of analysis.

Because this is a more sophisticated line of analyses, training can take up to a few days to complete. You should make sure that all employees have the background engineering skills to make the sessions fruitful, and if possible, you should videotape key segments to review as needed. Talk to your discussion leader before getting started and he can help you make the most of your workshop.

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