Stage-gate Process Development

Written by Tara Peris
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Stage-gate process development is really the only way to go if you want to set your new product up for success. It relies on a graphical representation of all steps of the development process, and as such, is the most organized, efficient approach to getting your goods out there. Given today's economic climate, you can't afford not to use a careful, well-honed strategy such as this one.

Just about anyone can tell you that these are trying economic times. This is especially true for the business person, with the market for new products being more competitive than ever before. Most products that hit the line fail, and those that succeed typically experience a very short shelf-life.

Set Yourself Apart with Stage-gate Process Development
How do you separate yourself from the pack? Surely, most people have the wherewithal to seek consultation before beginning a new project. What can you do that is different and better? Easy. You can employ stage-gate process development, which will create a well thought out time line for your product. The right sequence for product evaluation can make all the difference.

With a timeline in hand, you will have clear checkpoints at which to evaluate operations and tighten up procedures if need be. You can green-light successful strategies and target inefficiency before it becomes truly problematic. Like other approaches such as DFSS or DOE, stage-gate process development knows that mistakes are costly impediments to success. Armed with the right strategy, they can be eliminated altogether.

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