Drop Ship Directory

Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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Using a Drop Ship Directory

Online vendors are taking advantage of a great way to make money with a relatively small investment. They use a drop ship directory to find wholesalers that will provide them with a wide range of products to sell. Because of the wholesalers they find in the directory, they can run their businesses with little or no inventory.

This allows the vendor to concentrate on marketing, sales, and customer service functions rather than tying up a substantial amount of their funds in purchasing and warehousing products. It also means that the vendor's risk is minimal. If a product doesn't sell, the vendor is not left with a loss. All of the risk and expense are carried by the wholesaler. The vendor is responsible only for getting the orders and managing the books.

Drop Ship Directory Advantages

Using a directory is a great way to access a huge number of products. One wholesale drop shipper offers over 50,000 products that they will drop ship for vendors. In addition, listed wholesalers will often provide regular notification to vendors about new products or specials that they offer. The vendor, of course, will select wholesalers that carry the types of products they want to sell or about which they have some expertise.

One wholesaler offers everything from consumer electronics to camping gear. For a small monthly or annual fee, vendors can gain access to information about thousands of products that they can order for drop shipping to their customers. The entire process is simple, easy to manage, and inexpensive, allowing vendors who work with drop shippers to grow their businesses with a good cash flow.

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