Drop Ship Finder

Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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Drop Ship Finder Solutions

For Internet sales businesses, the key to success can be finding a true wholesaler who will drop ship for you and charge your real wholesale prices. You must, however, beware of dealing with middlemen presenting themselves as wholesalers. Doing business with such companies will reduce your profits significantly since you'll be paying higher than wholesale prices for the products you want to sell.

One of the best ways to find a real wholesaler who is wiling to work with you is to take a close look at what your potential drop shipper is charging you for products, for shipping, for handling, and for access to his products. If you're careful to compare several wholesalers' prices for like products, you will have a much better chance of finding a legitimate wholesaler to work with.

Drop Ship Finder Lists

On the Internet, you can find dozens of offers for drop ship finder lists. Some of these will connect you with actual wholesalers, while others will connect you with some wholesalers and, possibly, some middlemen. Some of these lists may even be out of date.

A good drop ship list will have complete contact information, descriptions of how the wholesaler works with vendors, and information about drop shipping. Lists should be fairly extensive and should include instructions on how to set up your relationship with the wholesaler. The more you learn about the process before you start, the better, so take the time to investigate several lists before you choose the one that is right for you, the one that will help your business take off.

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