Drop Ship Warehouse

Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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What You Can See at a Drop Ship Warehouse

Basically a drop ship warehouse looks like any other warehouse. You will find shelves filled with products, usually in boxes. Visitors can also see forklifts in action and workers sorting and labeling. One major difference between a drop shipping warehouse and a normal warehouse is that you will also find mechanisms designed for shipping small packages to single consumers.

This is very different from warehouses that ship only to middlemen or large retailers. In their buildings, you will often see larger boxes, larger forklifts, and a shipping dock that holds no small boxes. They choose to sell their products only in large quantities because they feel that there is more profit and less paperwork in doing so.

Drop Ship Warehouse Connections

Establishing a purchasing relationship with a drop shipping warehouse can be a huge benefit to online vendors. Wholesalers who opt to work with online vendors usually offer a product catalog, either online or hard copy or both. The vendor may pay a small monthly fee for access to certain types of products in the catalog or for access to the entire line the wholesaler carries.

One benefit to the wholesaler is the opportunity to have a substantial number of vendor/customers. Another benefit for the wholesaler is the chance to continue to ship products to individuals that they are no longer able to sell in bulk to large retailers. The benefit to the online vendor is that the vendor has no need to purchase any inventory until after s/he has made a sale to a consumer and collected the money online. By supporting a positive cash flow for the vendor, the process allows the vendor to concentrate on other aspects of his/her business such as marketing and sales.

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