Drop Ship Wholesale

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The Drop Ship Wholesale Connection

Selling has become simpler and more complex over the past few years. With the advent of online selling and shopping has come a huge increase in the number of companies that are offering access to thousands of products and drop ship wholesale items every day. Drop shipping occurs when an online wholesaler (or drop ship distributor) ships individual products to your customers.

They do so upon receiving an order from you for a product for which you have already been paid. When you pay the drop shipper upon ordering, everyone has their money before the product leaves the warehouse. You don't have to carry any inventory at all because you have access to the products when you need them.

Find a Drop Ship Wholesaler

The Internet is the perfect place to find a drop shipper who owns or operates a warehouse full of the inventory you need. It just makes sense for the wholesaler to be the one who actually ships the products. Your customer gets what she ordered, and your business grows.

When you're looking for a drop shipper, you should look for one that is either a manufacturer or, even better, one who has arrangements or contracts with several manufacturers to supply a network of vendors. Check for quick access to ordering the products you need, information about new products, and online tracking of your drops. Drop shipping is a major contributor to the success of many online vendors, and connecting with the best company can really help your business grow.

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