Drop Ship Wholesalers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Drop Ship Wholesalers Online

The best place to find drop ship wholesalers is on the Internet. While you might find one or two appropriate warehouses locally if you live in a large city, in general, you will want the greater variety of products to sell that are offered by online wholesalers. Online wholesalers are almost always set up to accept your fax or email orders, and most will quickly ship the order to your customer.

Wholesalers who drop ship for online vendors make a serious commitment to the process which is very different from selling and shipping bulk quantities to large retailers. The drop shipping process has, however, been used for decades by large retailers and mail order companies, and, for some wholesalers, the jump from dropping for retail outlets to online vendors is an easy one. Finding the right drop ship connections can be the difference between the success or failure of an online sales business.

Find Great Drop Ship Wholesalers

Unfortunately, there are some middlemen online who advertise as wholesalers. These are people who have bought from wholesalers at the lowest possible prices and who have added their profit margin to the prices of the products they offer to sell to the online vendor. Obviously, finding a real wholesaler will increase the online vendor's profit margin, in some cases, substantially. In order to find the right wholesaler, you'll have to do a little research.

Look for drop shipping wholesalers on the Internet. Check out several websites, looking at terms and prices. Keep going until you have gotten a feel for which ones are truly offering you wholesale rates for products. You should also look at their shipping rates. If you have a customer ready to purchase $50 worth of merchandise and your wholesaler will be charging $15, you will not be likely to get many sales. Determine whether there is an additional fee for packing as well. When you're looking for a great drop shipper, it's very important to read the fine print so that you will know exactly what you are offering your customers and so that you will know in advance what your profit margin will be.

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