Drop Shipper Wholesale

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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What is a Drop Shipper Wholesale?

Just in case you didn't notice, sometimes our headings are worded a little strangely. This is because we want to offer information about certain topics to the general population no matter in what order they enter the keywords that interest them. That said, this page is about drop shipper wholesale advantages. Those advantages can be a very important factor in the success or failure of an online sales company.

A wholesale drop shipper is usually a wholesaler that supports shipping one or more items to individual consumers when ordered by an online or retail vendor. The concept has been in place for almost a century when midwestern farmers and people in small towns couldn't wait for the catalogs to arrive so that they could order the implements, fabric, and household goods they could not get locally. Major retailers have continued to use the process right up to today.

Drop Shipper Wholesale Advantages

Online vendors rely heavily on drop ship wholesale companies. This is because many of these Internet vendors start up with very little capital and cannot afford the expense or risk of establishing the extensive inventories they would need to meet sales demands. The vendors, therefore, establish a purchasing relationship with a wholesaler who stocks the items and offers them to the vendor at wholesale prices.

In many cases, the wholesaler also supports adjunct shipping services so that the vendor can deal with a single entity when placing an order. The mechanisms for vendor ordering are varied and can include fax and email orders and even verbal orders for unusual situations. The vendor never orders or owns inventory until s/he has already received the consumer's payment for the product. Taking advantage of the wholesaler's low prices, the vendor can control his/her profit margin on for each product.

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