Drop Shipping

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Use Drop Shipping to Move Your Products

Instead of worrying about how to buy, store, and insure enough inventory to meet your sales demands, today you can use one of the most popular methods of moving products. You can establish relationships with vendors who are willing to ship single orders directly from their warehouses to your customer. This method is called drop shipping.

What this method does is to minimize the cost and risk to the Internet vendor while providing the manufacturer with the volume sales he wants and needs. Combining the benefits to the vendor and the manufacturer allows for lower prices and faster service to the consumer. Payment is even moved quickly along the Internet so there is no delay in any link of the chain.

Drop Shipping Internet Options

As an Internet vendor, you can also establish a relationship with a company that acts as a middleman by bringing together multiple manufacturers and managing the shipping process for you both. This process means that the vendor doesn't have to go out and establish multiple contracts with manufacturers and reduces the vendor's administrative costs, again, allowing the vendor to sell product at a lower rate.

It also provides the vendor with lower prices from the manufacturer who is dealing with the middleman and who experiences a substantial volume of sales. The vendor simply places an order with the middleman, or directly with the manufacturer, and the item or items are shipped to the consumer. This process, by the way, is similar to what happens when you get health care coverage from your employer or join any group that increases volume to a vendor. Finding this type of process relationship can help your business to really take off.

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