Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Do You Need Dropship Services?

Ok, so you're just putting all the pieces together to create your Internet vending business. Your future is on the line, and you're wondering what's the best way to make it happen. You've made a connection with a manufacturer and have lined up a credit card service to accept orders and payments. The question that's left is; how do I get my product from the manufacturer to the consumer?

The answer is simple, and it includes a process that has been around for a long time. Dropship. If you're not sure what that entails, it basically means that you negotiate with a manufacturer or online wholesaler to dropship single orders directly to your buyers. Without the ability to move your merchandise quickly and inexpensively, you can't operate your business.

Moving Your Merchandise

You need to be able to move your merchandise without tying up your money in inventory. You have to advertise, pay for other services, and get things moving. You're ready to start taking orders, and you need to get the products moving as soon as the first ones come in.

This is where you need to hook up with a company that is willing to work with a small, start-up operation and to support your efforts while you grow your business. In some cases, you can find a wholesaler who provides a connection between your new business and hundreds of manufacturers, and one that will offer the dropshipping services that will make your enterprise a success.

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