Dropship Wholesale Product

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Use Dropship Wholesale Product Lines

If you are considering becoming an online vendor and are wondering how you will be able to purchase and sell a variety of products, you might want to look into using dropship wholesale products. There are, in fact, many dropshippers who use online advertising to encourage vendors to use their services. What they usually offer is access to an extensive line of products that vendors can purchase at wholesale prices.

The products, however, are not the only advantage to establishing a relationship with a wholesale dropshipper. The shipping services they provide as part of the deal are just as important to the vendor. Some vendors even pay a small monthly fee for access to "online" warehouses. These warehouses are essentially catalogs of products that the vendor can sell and the wholesaleer will ship.

Dropship Wholesale Products: The Process

Online vendors seldom have the capital to support purchasing an extensive inventory. They are busy creating an impressive website, determining what to sell, and marketing a line of products. While they're doing that, they are also working to establish online payment methods for their customers, hire staff, and make sure they have a great Internet connection.

By working with a wholesaler, the vendor can now begin to sell products. They don't, however, own any products to sell. So, how does it work? Simple. They sell the products from the wholesaler's catalog to individual consumers who pay for them online at the retail rate the vendor has set. At that point, when the vendor has the customer's money in hand, the vendor purchases the product and services from the wholesaler and pays according to previously agreed-on terms. The wholesaler then ships a package to the customer under the name of the vendor. The vendor never pays for the products until they are sold.

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