Dropship Wholesaler

Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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Dropship Wholesalers Online

If you are looking for a quality dropship wholesaler, you should keep in mind that basic good business sense, and an occasional risk, are what helps successful businesses get to the top. That said, there are good dropshippers out there, and you can find one or more to work with right here on the Internet. Dropshippers advertise their products and services pretty heavily online because they are finding that online vendors are becoming a major source of revenue for them.

So, what should you look for in a dropshipper? If you have a good idea about what types of products you want to sell, obviously, you will look for dropshippers that carry a compatible line of products. If you have no idea of what to sell, you can still shop around to see what might interest you and what you think you can move. Much of this decision should be based on your target market and how you plan to advertise.

Dropship Wholesaler Tips

Below is a list of the services you should expect from your dropshipper:

  • Fair prices at wholesale. Compare prices for like objects because there are some dropshippers who are, in fact, middlemen who have built a second level of profit into their prices.
  • User-friendly communications. When you place an order, how will it happen? By phone call? By fax? By email?
  • Shipping boxes and packing slips with your logo and information. Customers do not expect their purchases to come from a third party and will prefer to contact you directly if there is a problem.
  • Great customer service. You are their customer. Do they call you back quickly? Do they address your concerns? Do they stand by their products and correct their mistakes quickly?
  • Great catalogs with graphics you can use on your website.
  • Price commitments. If they change their prices once a month, you will have to change yours. Discuss their pricing strategies and whether they adjust prices at specific intervals you can live with.
  • Great shipping rates with no extra added charges for "handling" and "packing." First of all, your customers will not pay $15 shipping and handling for a $20 item. Second, any additional charges you have to absorb will come directly off your bottom line.

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